What is Renomark?

RenoMark is a national campaign started by the Canadian Home Builders' Association to set a high level of standards for member renovators and as a way to combat the underground renovation market; anyone who considers themselves contractors but do work as a secondary profession. These people often work for cash, offer no warranties and avoid the authorities (building inspectors, city by-laws) because they don't know the proper building techniques and know that it would never be approved if a permit were acquired.

RenoMark is also in place to combat against shady and sub-par renovators who also will make some of the above decisions but use this as their main business. They will do work without a contract, without a warranty, and do not stand by their work.

RenoMark believes in the ideal that all renovators provide the same level of services and quality of work.

As a RenoMark member, Sheldon's Homes and Renovations abides by the following RenoMark Code of Ethics:


If you would like more information about the RenoMark program, visit http://www.renomark.ca