Lower Level Developments

Whether you have an old home with a dated basement living space or a brand new home with an undeveloped space, we can provide the expertice to help you develop your basement as an extension to your living space. It has always been our goal to develop your basement to feel as if it is a part of your above ground living space.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your basement is properly insulated above today's codes and is air tight for energy efficiency. This will provide a very comfortable living space unlike many basements that are cold and damp. We develop your heating to ensure that your space is heated evenly and ensure that your basement has the proper cold air returns to ensure proper air circulation.

We can develop the space to suit your needs including; bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment rooms, game rooms, storage, and multi purpose areas. We ensure that when we build a bedroom that the window is the proper size for emergency exit (as per building code) and can repace and enlarge existing windows to ensure compliance.


We build our custom cabinetry to fit your needs. We build cabinetry for entertainment systems, bars and kitchenettes, storage, bookshelves, and multi purpose cabinetry.


We can modify and install new lighting to better suit the space, including wall and ceiling fixtures, pot lights, accent lighting, and indirect lighting.


A nice addition to your basement space is a new fireplace. We install a variety of built in fireplaces to suit your needs and taste.


If your home is older, we will take this opportunity to upgrade your plumbing, electrical, and ventilation to today's modern code. This includes installing backwater valves and supplementary sump pits.