Whether you are contemplating minor changes or a complete renovation, we can provide you with the expertice to see you through your project.

We construct and install custom built cabinets to your specifications with a variety of countertop choices.


We install a wide variety of shower/tub combinations, for example acrylic one piece, bathtub with a marble or ceramic surround, and custom built shower stalls. We replace toilets with high efficiency, low flush models. Taps and other fixtures we install to your taste or budget.


We can modify your lighting to better suit the space, including wall fixtures, pot lights and indirect lighting.


If your home is older, we will take this opportunity to upgrade you plumbing, electrical, and ventilation to today's modern code. We can install a wide variety of exhaust systems to suit your needs and home.

We can install and supply a wide range of flooring to suit your needs including vinyl and ceramic.