We can build a large variety of additions to your home to expand your living space. These can include sunrooms, kitchen extensions, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, an expanded entry, and attatched garages and carports. We can help design the space to blend with your existing home. We take care of all bluprints, engineers reports and stamps needed, and all development and building permits required.

All of our additions are built to the highest standard of construction to ensure that your new addition looks and feels as if it was always part of your home. Whether you are building a 3 or 4 season extension, we always build our additions on a concrete pile foundation. All crawlspaces are insulated and heated to provide a comfortable, warm floor. We use a variety of materials from engineered joists and trusses, house wrap material, prefinished low-maintenance soffits, facias and eavestrough. All our windows are high-effiency, triple pane, double low-E with argon in variety of frames from PVC, wood, and wood metal clad. We ensure that your windows are built for our climate zone. We use a variety of roofing materials to match your existing roof or can completly re-roof your home.

Interior work includes insulated walls and ceilings to code or above with air tight vapour barrier to ensure energy efficiency and comfort. We make an effort to match the interior finishes of the addition to those of your home.

Click HERE to see an example of a sunroom addition during construction.