Stages of Construction

Existing house prior to work. Patio doors led to a raised wooden deck which was removed to facilitate construction of foundation for new sunroom.


16" concrete piles were drilled and poured. 24 inch by 8 inch grade beam installed on piles for foundation.

Crawlspace walls and floor insulated. Drywall covering on floor was fireproofing for Styrofoam SM to insulate floor. At this point ductwork is extended from the existing house to where it is needed and also into the crawlspace itself to provide air conditiong and heating. This ductwork is also used to heat the crawlspace beneath to ensure that the floor remains warm. Space was also used as extra storage accessible from basement.


Floor is framed with engineered joists and sheeted.

In original plans this was to be an extension of main floor with access through existing patio door opening with stairs on the side. As it was found to take up quite a bit of space in the addition, it was removed and framed at addition floor level and existing window became entrance to sunroom. Existing patio doors became a railing and opening to sunroom. This change was decided by us and the owner and was not a problem as it was done at the point where the change could be made.


Next the walls and roof are framed and sheeted. At this stage the electrical is done before walls are insulated and closed in by drywall.


Windows and a door are installed at this point and an exterior house wrap is installed to block against moisture. The roof is shingled and flashed, soffits and facia are installed with eavestroughing, and in the warm season the stucco was applied. At this point the interior finishing was completed, flooring, light fixtures, and millwork were installed.

Click HERE to see the final interior.